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Where do you find us ?
 Place of our firm: PERSEA, Ulrichovo nám. 762
Hradec Králové, 500 02
  tel. +420/ 495 521 495

PERSEA, nám. Republiky 56

Pardubice , 530 02
tel./fax:  +420/466 616 764

For the sake of fully devoting all our attention to you and so you do not have to lose your time waiting for our services the registration will be possible only based on telephone call.

The firm Persea was established in 1994 and is specialized in the field of personnel management. We provide a whole
number of services utilizing the latest methods and knowledge of management. The main focus of our activity consists
in searching for and selection of employees for Czech and foreign firms. We also gained extensive experience in providing
services for the government authorities. We are able to realize for you services in the framework of the whole Czech Republic.
We ensure absolute confidentiality and protection of both personal and company data to the firms and job applicants.
Our services concerning providing jobs are ensured on the basis of licence from the Czech Department of Labor and Social Affairs and
in compliance with Act no. 1/1991 LD and Act no. 9/1991 LD concerning the employment. We also obtained registration of the Personal
Data Control Authority in compliance with the Act no 101 / 2000 LD concerning the protection of personal data.